Clinique Success Story

Sampling gives Clinique vital consumer insights on a brand new product

Clinique foundation

A new product launch is a crucial moment. You want to drive awareness and seed reviews for other channels, but you also want intelligence on how consumers respond to your messaging and your product so you can refine your approach. It’s a time to both educate and learn.

For Clinique, a SoPost sampling campaign in Switzerland helped accomplish all those goals.

Clinique foundation

To generate awareness and trials of the brand new Even Better Clinical Serum Foundation, Clinique ran a dual-language, German and French, SoPost sampling campaign across Facebook and Instagram. The campaign drove 5,000 trials of the new foundation and, just as importantly, provided a rich trove of data for the team, including:

  • Opted-in leads for for future retargeting
  • Actionable data on the best-performing creative on the two social platforms
  • Authentic reviews to syndicate via SoPost’s integration with PowerReviews
  • Detailed consumer feedback based on survey questions included in SoPost’s follow-up emails
targeted consumers received a sample

In addition to getting samples of the new foundation into the hands of Swiss consumers, this campaign gave the Clinique team valuable insights to inform their future marketing. For example, they discovered that skin benefits such as hydration were the factors consumers valued most about foundation products, creating an opportunity to test that message at the conversion phase.

SoPost’s follow-up emails also gathered information about what other foundation Swiss consumers use, creating a better understanding of its competitive set.

of consumers opted-in to further marketing
email open rate for feedback email
of consumers said they had already purchased it
of reviews were 5 stars

had or would recommend the foundation product in the future


of consumers were likely to buy within the next six months


of consumers clicked through on the drive to purchase email to the product page on the Clinique site

The SoPost team provided us with a lot of valuable analytical insights and advice post-campaign to help us incorporate all the audience data we gathered into future campaigns.

Giulia Polatti
Paid Media Executive