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Product sampling is a powerful way of collecting high quality data. Capture new CRM opt-ins,
enrich existing profiles, and secure valuable product reviews.

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Value exchange

Consumers are more aware than ever before about the value of their personal information.

Sampling rewards people for sharing their data which builds trust, reduces acquisition costs, and results in a more engaged individual.

Gain new subscribers

With average opt-in rates of 50% and the ability to filter out low quality consumers, SoPost is an effective way of growing your audience with the right data.

Enrich Profiles

It’s not just names and email addresses. We can enrich your profiles with phone numbers, demographic and lifestyle information, and more.

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Connect with consumers
using product samples

Product sampling is not just for new customers. Provide value to your existing customers and increase their loyalty by reminding them why they love your brand.

Our campaigns are an effective way to introduce new products to your existing customers, who are far more likely to purchase. Product sampling is more cost effective than traditional advertising .

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Enrich your CRM data

Learn more about your customers, with zero and first party data.

Understand your contacts better

Need more than a name and email address? We can enrich your data with everything from skin type to shoe size.

Grow your database

More than 50% of consumers sampled through SoPost voluntarily opt-in to further brand marketing.

Up-to-date data, direct from the source

Our engagements with consumers create a chance to refresh the information you have on your audience, ensuring your data is fresh and campaigns are relevant.

Acquire new customers

First impressions matter. Consumers are 50x more likely to purchase after receiving a free sample.

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SoPost social sampling and the right influencer partnership gets great results for Bobbi Brown

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