Human rights statement

At SoPost, we believe upholding human rights is fundamental to our purpose of building the future of product sampling. The SoPost Code of Conduct underscores our values and our commitment to ensuring a workplace that supports equal opportunity, dignity and respect. It provides the ethical and behavioural framework to guide the business decisions we make every day.

Our global human rights statement builds on our Code, to reflect our understanding of the fundamental rights of all human beings and our commitment to promote respect for those rights.

SoPost is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen, respecting human rights and supporting the protection and advancement of human rights. With operations around the world, we strive to uphold global standards for responsible business. We exercise our influence by conducting our business operations in ways that seek to respect, protect and promote the full range of human rights such as those described in the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

SoPost complies with the laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate while simultaneously conducting our business and encouraging the promotion of human rights through our own policies, standards and practices.

SoPost engages with brand partners, suppliers and employees on human rights issues on an ongoing and as needed basis. We seek to empower brand partners and employees to take human rights criteria into consideration across our business activities, including through our Supplier Code of Conduct. We will continue to respect and support the promotion of human rights across our business globally, and we hope our actions will inspire such practices worldwide.