Results and insights

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go again.

Track performance, measure success and
improve future sampling campaigns with our
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Optimize your campaign
Estee Lauder - 67% opted-in to further marketing

Feedback responses

View all the bespoke insights collected during your sampling campaign in one place.

Ratings and reviews

We’ll collect and analyze reviews for common themes and display findings in your report.

Consumer demographics

See key consumer demographics such as age, gender and location, as well as detailed behavioural insights.

Purchase intent

We’ll measure a consumer’s purchase intent to gauge the likelihood of them becoming a paying customer.

Marketing opt-ins

See all the consumers that have opted-in to future marketing and easily export these into your CRM.

Watch results in real time

Track engagement and orders as soon as your campaign is live with our real-time reports.

Sample smarter with post-campaign insights

Our sampling experts will present your campaign results in a comprehensive report, with industry benchmarks to contextualize performance. We’ll analyze everything from purchase clicks to feedback responses and provide actionable recommendations to optimize future campaigns.

Sample smarter with SoPost

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