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Product sampling is a perfect way to collect positive reviews
and meaningful user generated content.

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Customers selling to customers

For existing and new products, reviews encouraging other consumers to purchase the product will always be worth their weight in gold.

With sampling, brands can fast track the usual months-long process of building product social proof.

The benefits of reviews

Research from Bazaarvoice shows that 75% of consumers use reviews when making purchase decisions. One review generates a 10% sales uplift, and 50 reviews gives a 30% sales uplift.

Genuine user generated content

We never incentivize reviews, meaning that all content is genuine and high quality. And what’s more, because our order filtering algorithms can personalize every experience, reviews come from your ideal audience – not people just looking for free product.

We’ve generated millions of reviews with response rates of up to 70%. How can we help you?

Compatible with review syndicators

We partner with Bazaarvoice, PowerReviews and Yotpo, so reviews can be directly syndicated to your sites and retail partners.

On-site reviews improve sales conversion, but it doesn’t stop there. This high quality content is yours to use across your marketing activities.

Feedback is never incentivized, meaning that all content is genuine and compliant with FTC regulations.

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We help create all types of user
generated content

Organic social media posts

Happy customers provide free marketing. Get your product in front of more people with countless positive social media posts.

Organic influencer campaigns

Amplify your brand or product for free. Sampling provides a way to connect with new influencers of every size and in every market.

Buzzwords and incredible quotes

Get real testimonials of your product or brand from the people that use it.

Let your customers do the talking

Product sampling is not just for new customers. Provide value to your existing customers and increase their loyalty by reminding them why they love your brand.

Customizable feedback

Uncover specific insights with our bespoke feedback tool. Ask the questions relevant to you, and capture the answers you need.

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SoPost social sampling and the right influencer partnership gets great results for Bobbi Brown

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