Targeted product sampling

Reach the
right people.

Engage your target audience at
the right time and place with SoPost’s
digital sampling platform.

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sample waste reduction


average marketing
opt-in rates


return on investment


We can integrate wherever your consumers are for a seamless, fully branded sampling experience that achieves your marketing goals.

Social media platforms

Reach a highly engaged audience through super-targeted social sampling experiences.

Online retailers

Create an omnichannel sampling experience and harness the power of retailer consumer data.



Access an extensive audience database and sample to high-intent, qualified consumers.

Influencer partnerships

Leverage popular influencers’ audiences to build brand awareness and trust.

Instantly qualify consumers

Our customizable qualifying questions allow only the most relevant consumers to request a sample.

We’ll include questions at the sample request stage and instantly accept or reject orders, keeping the focus on your campaign goals.

Reduce sample
waste by up to 41%

Our intelligent order filtering technology remove duplicate requests and detects low-quality consumers based on your campaign’s objectives and specific behavioral patterns, such as people just looking for a freebie.

Sample smarter with SoPost

We’ve helped over 350 brands supercharge their marketing efforts through our innovative digital sampling platform. Want to do the same?

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