IMAGE Skincare Success Story

IMAGE Skincare pivots their strategy with online sampling

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IMAGE Skincare came to SoPost amidst the pandemic, looking for a way to engage customers. As a product generally sold in spas their customers no longer had easy access to the brand. IMAGE Skincare was looking for a way to tap into their customers more directly, while also learning more about their D2C audience.

Image Skincare product image

In order to make a shift during the pandemic IMAGE Skincare chose to target a very specific audience via SoPost’s Dabble community for their online sampling campaign.

This allowed IMAGE Skincare to tap into a highly engaged audience, segmented down to their ideal cohort: women aged 25-34, ensuring relevance for their product. As members of an active beauty community, it also meant that IMAGE Skincare would benefit from an audience that was eager to provide feedback to the brand.

Once activated via Dabble, IMAGE Skincare was able to quickly distribute their samples and in turn gather detailed insight on the serum as well as overall brand feedback.

targeted consumers
received a sample

Consumers who received a sample were contacted via email after their moment of trial to provide feedback and reviews.

of consumers left feedback
five-star reviews earned
of consumers had previously never heard of IMAGE Skincare
average rating

of consumers were likely to buy within the next six months


of consumers would recommend Vital C Anti-Aging Serum to a friend


of consumers said they would switch to Vital C Anti-Aging Serum as their everyday serum


of consumers said they had already purchased the product post-trial