Tanqueray Royale Success Story

Building product and brand awareness ahead of the holiday season


Tanqueray worked with SoPost to sample in the UK, with the goal of driving trial and awareness of their Tanqueray Royale Gin product in the lead-up to Christmas.


Using ads on Facebook and Instagram to target social media users, and SoPost’s microsite product to include an age-gate function at the point of claiming, Tanqueray were able to offer consumers a free sample to be delivered directly to their home.

targeted consumers received a sample

Consumers who received a sample were contacted via email after their moment of trial to provide feedback and reviews.

of consumers said they would drink the product with a meal at home or at the pub/restaurant
of consumers told us they had gone on to purchase
average rating

of consumers have already recommended Tanqueray Royale to a friend


of consumers had already purchased, or were likely to

We mixed this with some tonic and a bit of ice, and it was just delicious! Lots of lovely strong and mellow flavours melding together. The wee recipe card that came with it was great too, ordered a bottle to open at Christmas so will be trying the recipes then!

Actual Consumer Review