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SoPost launches qualifying questions: a way to improve targeting and reduce sample waste

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Emma Hardy
qualifying questions
Monday, October 30, 2023

At SoPost, we’re passionate about getting your product samples into the right hands to reduce waste, improve conversion and turn your samples into paying customers.  

Our new customizable qualifying questions help you weed out anyone who isn't a good fit for your product and allow only the most relevant consumers to request a sample.


Benefits of qualifying questions

How do SoPost qualifying questions work?

What qualifying questions should I ask?

Why are qualifying questions important? 

While traditional ad targeting parameters like age, gender, location and interests are great at helping you narrow down your target audience, relying solely on them can still lead to samples reaching people who may not be the best match for your product.

Why? Product suitability involves so many other factors, such as budgets, buying habits, lifestyle choices and how familiar consumers are with your brand.

Imagine this: you launch a new high-end, luxury fragrance line and want to drive purchases with your target market. 

Wouldn't it be super helpful to know how much a consumer is comfortable spending on a fragrance before sending them a sample?

That way, you can check if their budget aligns with your price tag, and only send samples to people more likely to become paying customers.

Similarly, when sampling a new puppy food brand, you'll want to check the consumer has a dog within the right age bracket first. 

That's why it's important to collect as much information as possible from the start. And that's where SoPost’s qualifying questions shine. 

Are there any other benefits to qualifying consumers?

Sending samples to people proven to be a great fit for your product not only accelerates campaign results, but also helps you:

  • Reduce product wastage. You're only sending samples to those most likely to use and enjoy your product.

  • Learn more about your consumers. Use qualifying questions to collect additional information about your audience's buying habits and preferences.

How do our qualifying questions work?

1. Your target consumer sees your sampling ad and clicks the call to action.

2. They’re asked to answer some questions before proceeding with the rest of the sample request journey. 

At SoPost, qualifying questions can be customized to your specific needs. We'll work with you to determine the most effective questions to ask to identify the best matches for your product.

3. After completing the qualifying questions, the consumer will be accepted or rejected for a sample based on their answers.

4. Only those best suited to your product receive a sample, helping you maximize your sampling campaign’s impact.

qualifying consumers

qualifying customers

What qualifying questions should I ask?

What you ask depends on your specific product, its features, the problems it addresses and your ideal customer profile. 

While there's certainly no one-size-fits-all approach to qualifying questions, here are three examples we've found especially effective for inspiration:

1. Have you used any of our products before?

This question is particularly valuable if you only want to target brand new customers. If anyone answers "yes", consider offering them a special discount instead of a sample.

2. How often do you purchase these products?

This question not only helps gauge someone's interest in buying your product before sending a sample, but it also provides insight into their potential customer lifetime value (CLV) and purchasing habits post-trial.

3. How much are you willing to spend on these products?

Understanding this early on will help ensure you only send a sample to people with the right budget for your brand and product. 

Why sample with SoPost?

For over a decade, we’ve dominated the online sampling industry, optimizing campaigns to deliver outstanding results for our brands. 

With SoPost, you’ll have expert support at every step, plus access to market-leading features and technology in our product sampling platform:

  • We'll also drive product purchases to your website or retail partners through our targeted post-trial emails.

Want to know how SoPost can support your next campaign? Let's chat - we'd love to show you.

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