Shiseido UKI appoints SoPost as their UK digital sampling partner

Thursday, May 2, 2024

We’re so incredibly excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Shiseido as their local digital sampling platform, to drive their UK product sampling strategy and market share.

The partnership is built on our global focus and local expertise, experience working with leading brand groups, and unwavering commitment to innovation. Using our leading sampling platform, we’ll be helping to break down silos, while simultaneously tailoring strategies to each of Shiseido’s brands.

Founded in 1972, Shiseido is known for being fiercely contemporary and innovative and has evolved into the premier cosmetics company, with Shiseido Group brands sold in over 120 countries and regions.

Now, SoPost will power nine of Shiseido’s brands’ sampling strategies across social, direct-to-consumer and retailers in the UK market: Shiseido, Serge Lutens, Drunk Elephant, Narciso Rodriguez, Tory Burch, Ulé, Issey Miyake, NARS and Zadig & Voltaire. 

We’ll support a range of Shiseido’s brand objectives, from increasing brand awareness and cementing their position as innovative market leaders, to evolving perception to be a premier brand and elevating brand status in the UK.

Our exciting new partnership is built on 4 key principles: 

Global focus, local expertise

Shiseido's brands have varying degrees of brand awareness and perception in the UK market. That's why they were attracted to SoPost's dominance in the UK, supported by global expertise, to tailor the UK product sampling strategy for each of their brands. 

Something SoPost’s Founder & CEO, Jonny Grubin, is especially excited about:

“It is always incredibly exciting when a brand group as prestigious as Shiseido chooses SoPost as their trusted partner. Being founded in the UK but with experience in 30 countries, we are uniquely positioned to help Shiseido run innovative and impactful sampling campaigns that grow their market share in the UK. 

“We are so excited by this partnership and I cannot wait to see the impact that our best-in-class platform delivers for their teams.”

"Being founded in the UK but with experience in 30 countries, we are uniquely positioned to help Shiseido run innovative and impactful sampling campaigns that grow their market share in the UK."

— Jonny Grubin, Founder & CEO at SoPost

Saying goodbye to silos

At SoPost, we recognise the challenge of operating within organisations that have a diverse portfolio of brands. Our experience across global beauty houses enables us to break down silos and facilitate cohesive operations, ultimately driving maximum ROI and efficiencies.

“We’re thrilled to be joining forces with such an innovative and visionary partner for our UK digital sampling strategy,” says Angharad Jones, Senior E-Retail Partnership Manager and Géraldine Jacquinot, UKI Marketing Director – Skincare at Shiseido UKI.

“Working across many premium brands, it’s crucial for us to find synergies, efficiencies and economy of scale, whilst ensuring digital marketing activations enable us to connect with the consumer at relevant touch points through an integrated, seamless online/offline experience.

“SoPost allows us to build more sophisticated sampling strategies by leveraging their strong media and retail media network which is a key priority for our growth in the UKI market.

“We were immediately impressed by the SoPost team; especially their energy, collaboration and reactivity! We can’t wait to deliver best in class campaigns together for the year ahead.”

Different brand, different approach

Acknowledging each of the nine brands’ unique identity, maturity level and objectives, we’ll use our adaptable consultative approach, strong team expertise and product flexibility to ensure each brand has a strategy set up to achieve their objectives

Commitment to innovation

SoPost created the digital product sampling industry and we’ve continually been first-to-market with innovative data-led sampling solutions that enable brands to engage their target consumers anywhere online. 

Some of our most recent exciting developments range from our AI review summary tool to voice-activated sampling on Amazon Alexa and virtual try-on technology integrations. This aligns with Shiseido’s global focus on developing solutions that address their markets’ specific needs and proactively adapting their strategies with agility and speed.

We’re absolutely thrilled about our new partnership and can’t wait for what’s to come over the next year!

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