Fueling Benefit Cosmetics’ global mascara launch at rock-bottom media costs.

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17% of UK consumers bought the mascara within two weeks of sampling.


new contacts added to Benefit Cosmetics’ CRM database


higher purchase clicks versus the industry average


estimated saving in fulfillment fees thanks to SoPost’s Intelligent Order Processing

To support the launch of their new Fan Fest Mascara and grow their CRM database, we partnered with Benefit Cosmetics on an ambitious TikTok sampling campaign across 12 markets:

Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom and the United States.

The first step to an effective product launch?

Generate buzz…

Benefit Cosmetics collaborated with influencers and content creators to craft engaging TikTok videos and tutorials that showcased the mascara’s transformative benefits.

We sent 55,000 mascara samples globally across 12 markets to targeted and qualified consumers.

Hype officially built.

But we needed to go beyond the buzz to make the launch a success.

Our multi-step sampling journey engaged consumers throughout their entire sampling experience to encourage product feedback, generate reviews and ultimately, drive sales.

And to enhance the incentive, some markets included promo codes in post-trial follow-ups.


Our campaign not only helped Benefit Cosmetics get their Fan Fest Mascara into the hands of thousands of target consumers but also transformed them into glowing brand advocates.

32,000 consumers opted into Benefit Cosmetics’ marketing database, creating a pool of engaged beauty enthusiasts eager to explore and shop their products.

Opt-in rate highlights include:


🇦🇺 Australia


🇳🇱 Netherlands


🇪🇸 Spain

And thanks to our Intelligent Order Processing technology, we slashed product wastage and saved BIG on campaign costs.

We automatically flagged 4% of total sample requests as low-quality, encompassing duplicate orders, unverified addresses and typical freebie hunters.

Filtering out these requests translated to an estimated 84kg reduction in carbon emissions (savings calculated by SoPost and validated by an independent third-party) and approximately $5,000 saved in fulfillment expenses!



estimated reduction in carbon emissions

We also saw super high open and click-through rates across post-trial emails, with purchase email open rates 41% above the industry average and purchase clicks 120% above benchmarks.

The outcome of such high engagement?

Invaluable five-star reviews, product recommendations and subsequent mascara purchases.

Let’s look at the UK, as an example. Within just two weeks of sampling:


had already purchased the mascara


planned to buy the mascara in the next six months


had already recommended the mascara to a friend

And the best part? We accomplished all of this with rock-bottom media costs, highlighting the huge return potential with strategic sampling.

Several markets experienced a lead cost over 70% lower than TikTok’s average CPL, and some markets even saw a 40+% decrease compared to TikTok’s average sampling CPL.

$0.01 CPL

🇬🇧 UK

$0.11 CPL

🇳🇱 Netherlands

$0.17 CPL

🇵🇱 Poland

“Partnering with SoPost on our global Fan Fest mascara launch highlighted the true potential of strategic digital sampling.

“Running across 12 markets, consumer engagement with the campaign was extremely high and we saw fantastic results and a remarkably low cost per lead.

“The support we received from the SoPost team was great throughout. We look forward to continuing the partnership!”

– Fabienne Vossen, Global Digital Marketing Manager at Benefit Cosmetics

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