How Melvita skyrocketed brand awareness with a first-to-market sampling campaign via an influencer broadcast channel.

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25% uplift in post-trial purchases through the broadcast channel. *


net new contacts added to Melvita’s marketing database


product reviews generated for Melvita’s Eau Extraordinaire


of consumers from the broadcast channel were brand new to Melvita

When Melvita enlisted Laury Thilleman as their newest brand ambassador, they sought a strategy that would spark audience engagement and drive brand recognition.

Knowing first-hand the power of community sampling, we spearheaded a pioneering influencer sampling campaign, leveraging Instagram’s latest broadcast channels feature…

Laury personally connected with her followers through a dedicated Instagram broadcast channel, offering exclusive samples of Melvita’s Eau Extraordinaire.

The campaign directed consumers to a landing page to claim their free sample. From there, we guided them through a seamless sampling journey, including sample fulfillment, feedback collection and drive to purchase, all expertly managed by SoPost’s market-leading sampling platform.

To maximize engagement, Melvita also utilized Meta lead ads and Instagram stories, linking consumers to the campaign from their official account.


The campaign delivered big results for Melvita: a surge of 8.6k net new contacts to engage with future marketing and over 800 rave reviews of their Eau Extraordinaire.

And our pioneering community-driven approach via Instagram’s broadcast channel spoke volumes.

Firstly, we saw a significant boost in brand awareness. More consumers discovered Melvita through Laury’s broadcast channel than Meta’s lead ads, with 67% opting into Melvita’s marketing database.

But that’s not all. We also witnessed an incredible 25% increase in post-trial purchases from the broadcast channel compared to industry benchmarks in France, and a 38% uplift in purchase email open rates — a true testament to the influential impact of trusted community sampling.

And how about audience sentiment? Through the roof! Laury’s posts generated so much excitement, with tons of engagement and followers feeling “privileged” to be part of the exclusive sampling experience.

* versus the industry average in France.