San Pellegrino’s rebrand made a sparkling success with the help of sampling.

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42% bought the drink within two weeks of sampling.


opted into marketing from San Pellegrino


gave the drink a five-star review


had already recommended the drink to a friend *

San Pellegrino rebranded their iconic Italian Sparkling Drinks and aimed to boost new product reviews and collect marketing opt-ins as part of the exciting launch.

What better way to create buzz and quickly get their new cans into the hands of their target consumers than through an engaging sampling campaign?

Teaming up, we executed a sampling campaign on Facebook and Instagram, offering targeted and qualified consumers cans of San Pellegrino’s two iconic flavors: Limonata and Aranciata.

Through a branded sampling experience, we gathered feedback and reviews, all syndicated via Bazaarvoice to amplify reviews across retailer websites.

And to drive post-trial purchases at Tesco, we sent follow-up emails with purchase links and included a printed insert with a £1 ($1.27) discount with the drinks.


All samples were claimed within hours of launch, with 100% of consumers opting into San Pellegrino’s marketing and over half opting into Nestlé’s. This provided both brands with eager new consumers to engage with future promotions.

And those new product reviews? 88% of consumers gave the cans a five-star review, surpassing the UK food and beverage average by 31% and equating to an impressive overall rating of 4.8/5 stars.

79% had also already recommended the drink to a friend within two weeks of sampling, highlighting the significant impact of sampling in driving word-of-mouth marketing.

And with the influx of glowing reviews from the campaign, we leveraged AI to summarize feedback, equipping San Pellegrino with quick insights into product sentiment and saving them valuable time.

Last but not least, what about post-trial purchases?

The campaign exceeded the industry average click-through to purchase rate by 5%, and an incredible 42% had purchased a can of the Italian Sparkling Drinks within two weeks of sampling.