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Monday, June 14, 2021

How working with the right technology partner can result in a sampling strategy that delivers on your sustainability goals and improves engagement with potential customers

Are running sampling campaigns while also pursuing a credible sustainability policy mutually exclusive?. How do you minimize waste and reduce your footprint while also making good use of the second largest driver of full-size product purchases? After all, sampling isn’t the most obviously ‘green’ approach to generating new business. ample wastage and extra packaging are legitimate hurdles on the road to an effective sustainability strategy.

Tech can clean things up

There is a way to conduct sampling campaigns in a way that drives high-quality lead generation and improved sustainability. It comes in the shape of cutting-edge machine learning technology coupled with the right experience and fulfillment capability.

How intelligence reduces waste

Yes, SoPost uses sample packaging that is 70% recyclable, but it’s our algorithms that really benefit the environment.

SoPost uses bespoke machine learning algorithms and millions of historical data points to analyze sample requests in real-time. Our Intelligent Order Processing system optimizes each consumer’s experience while also detecting and filtering out people who are low-quality leads simply looking for freebies.

With SoPost, brands can channel these individuals to a more suitable experience without sending a sample. Because samples are only sent to high-quality leads, you also save on stock and manpower.

Best of all, filtering out the freebie hunters and duplicate orders, you are left with access to high-quality consumers who are more likely to engage with your brand and purchase post-trial, so your sustainability efforts pay off in higher ROI.

Sustainable sampling? SoPost makes it possible.

Sampling can be an excellent way to acquire new customers, increase brand awareness, and generate reviews and feedback for your products.  And with SoPost’s machine learning algorithms filtering out waste,  your strategy can be good for business and better for the environment.

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